COMODO EasyVPN is a VPN client for Windows computers
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Comodo Security Solutions, Inc

COMODO EasyVPN is a VPN client for Windows computers. It is rather a zero-configuration VPN creation assistant that works as a client. In other words, EasyVPN allows the beginner user (and anyone else) to create a VPN network between two computers (and thus two networks) and to connect to it. This is no minor enterprise and it usually requires a little bit of tweaking here and there and some expertise in the subject. Well, Comodo EasyVPN does without all of that. All you need to do to create a VPN connection is download the application and register an account. EasyVPN then gives you an IP address in their subnet and you can then create your own VPN network. When the second user joins and the connection has been established, Comodo quits the connection and it is all between you and the other user. Since the application (servers) does all for you, you don't even need to know the other user's IP address. On top of that, EasyVPN comes with a nice built-in instant messaging service, that allows you and the other user to exchange messages once you are on the same VPN or before that. This is just one of those excellent must-have applications. The fact that it is free just makes it better.

José Fernández
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